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Become a Surrogate Mother

Earn up to $100,000

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Become a Surrogate Mother and help create families

Surrogacy is a beautiful choice, a gateway to parenthood for people who have often given up hope of conceiving. As a surrogate, you are choosing to give an incredible gift to someone who might otherwise never know the joy of being a parent.

You will be matched with a couple or individual who has been physically unable to have children. Some have spent years facing infertility, while others are same-sex couples wanting to welcome a child into their family.

You represent hope!

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In conjunction with its sister company, L.A. Egg Donors, over 1500 babies have been born through the WFI Surrogacy program.

Surrogate Mother Requirements

Give Hope Give Life Complete a Familiy


You are between the ages of 21 and 44.


You have delivered at least one child.


All of your pregnancies and deliveries were healthy and without complications.


Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is below 33.

Testimonials from our WFI Surrogates

I absolutely loved my experience with Dr Kumar. As a previous surrogate I have had some bad experiences with other clinics where they do not care or value the surrogate only the intended parents. At Western Fertility they treat everyone like family and were so supportive and helped me and the intended parents with anything and everything we needed. I would recommend their surrogacy program to anyone thinking of becoming a surrogate and wanting a truly rewarding experience.


I am reviewing as a surrogate who just completed her first journey. This surrogacy was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, second only to the birth of my own son. WFI was incredible during this journey and with me, I am proud to have worked with you guys. 2020 has been a hard year, but the birth of my belly buddy will always be a very bright shining, happy memory.

Amanda P.Surrogate

I can't say enough about every person that works for Western Fertility. I have been a surrogate for Dr Kumar a couple times and everything from my checkups to getting meds or just needing someone to talk to has been such a wonderful experience. Dr Kumar always makes you feel important and appreciated. Also Quiana the nurse is so understanding and helpful when I need her to get me through the tough times (morning sickness). Also my special ladies I will never forget are Trudi and Sara they are with you through transfer to delivery and beyond! If anyone needs a surrogate or wants to be this is the place you will be treated like an amazing person throughout the whole process. Thank you everyone, I love you all so much!


I was a first time gestational surrogate, delivered a healthy baby boy on 5/3/2020. This office is absolutely AMAZING! From Trudi the one who started the process, to the front office staff, Karla (my nurse) to my third party coordinator Caitlin, and last but surly not least Dr. Kumar! They are so warm, welcoming, and very friendly when you come in! For being my very first surrogate journey this was one of the best experiences I've ever had!
I highly recommend this office! I hope to come back one day and do another journey!! It was pure joy working with them!!!


I was a surrogate twice for WFI and each time the process was amazing. The staff is so kind and caring and they explain everything in detail so you are never confused. Caitlin was there for me every step of the way and always made me feel so comfortable. She was always available to answer any question I had. Dr. Kumar does great work! He is so good at what he does. He has great bedside manner and loves to joke around which I always appreciated. It helped lighten the mood and made every appointment a good time. Love this facility! They definitely made my experiences with them so wonderful.

Amanda H.Surrogate

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