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Surrogacy is a wonderful option for couples and individuals who aspire to create a family.

There are many reasons to consider growing your family through the kind assistance of a surrogate mother, including:

  • a couple who has struggled with infertility
  • a member of the LGBT+ community
  • or someone looking to create a family as a single parent.

Why choose our program?

Our surrogacy process takes on average 14-18 months.
Exceptional Surrogate Mother candidates, with full medical and psychological screenings (we receive many applications on a daily basis, only 5% make it onto our database)
No waiting list, immediate matching process
Free Online access to Surrogate Mother Profiles
Option for a Live Birth Guarantee Program (no other agency offers this)

How does pricing work for your surrogacy program?
Our financial packets and pricing structure originate from two main concepts: (1)  a la carte, when clients pay per each service provided to them, or (2) live birth guarantee, when clients pay for an all inclusive packet that guarantees a live birth.

Would your Live Birth Guarantee Program create a conflict of interests?
Not at all. Our Live Birth Guarantee is the most popular program among our intended parents. Going through IVF and third party reproduction, can be emotionally and financially draining.
Guaranteeing a live birth allows our clients to be successful while leaving little to no worries behind. For a specific price structure, a live birth is guaranteed (either singleton, or twins).

Will the Intended Parents have separate legal representation from their Surrogate Mother?
Absolutely! We work with an outside, independent network of attorneys and law offices that specialize in the third party reproduction law and are well known in the industry.
If you already have legal representation, we are happy to check the attorney’s credentials and price structure. In any case, the surrogate mother will be represented by a separate attorney, to avoid any possible conflicts of interests.

Will the surrogate mother have any rights towards the baby to be born?
No, the surrogate mother cannot legally claim any rights towards the baby, as there is no biological link to connect them. A legal contract is signed between the surrogate mother and the intended parents before any medication is due to start. Once the pregnancy is confirmed both the surrogate and intended parents will fill out paperwork for the court to grant a pre-birth order by which the intended parents are recognized as the legal parents upon birth.

Can we use an Egg Donor or Surrogate who is not part of your in house program?
Yes. Intended Parents may decide to use a relative or friend as their egg donor/surrogate. Or use an outside agency. Once we are provided the scenario that fits with the journey you have in mind, we will create specific pricing estimations so that you are fully informed before joining our program(s).

If we are not local to California, can we start the process locally?
Yes, you can start the process locally and only fly here when medically indicated. We understand time is precious, and try to accommodate work schedules at best.

Is genetic testing on the embryos available?
Yes. Genetic testing on the embryos is available as well as gender selection.

The Process


Fill out our initial registration form to start the process and review your options. If you are out of the area we will advise you when it is time to travel to Los Angeles.


Our coordinators will assist with browsing our available surrogate mother profiles and guide you through the matching process.

Legal Contract

Before the Surrogate Mother starts any medication, a detailed surrogacy legal contract will be signed in order to protect the rights of both parties. Our independent attorney network is there to assist with all that is needed.

Calendar & Fertilization

Dates are being set up for starting medication, monitoring appointments, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer. Travel plans will need to be made at this time if you are located outside of Los Angeles.

Embryo Transfer

Now that the embryos have been created, the Surrogate Mother will undergo a transfer.

Pregnancy & Delivery

Congratulations! Pregnancy has been confirmed. What an exciting time, you are now on your way to becoming a parent.

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